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The History of Hale House - December 12, 2013

A look at one of Perth’s most iconic buildings. 


Hale House

Hale House

At Consummo Painting, we love our heritage buildings, which is why we want to have a look at the history of one of them right here in Perth – Hale House. This elegant structure was listed as a heritage building in June 2011. In 2012, Consummo Painting worked alongside construction company, Diploma, to help refurbish Hale House in an overall project that cost 25.5 million dollars. The restoration was made to house government offices, or as the media dubbed it, ‘Premier’s Palace’. It is a venture we are very proud of being involved in, not only because it gave a new lease of life to a building with great historical significance that had unfortunately fallen to disrepair, but it also confirmed that we are one of the best heritage building painters in Perth. Site manager of the project, Dennis O’Donoghue, praised Consummo Painting’s professionalism, citing their reliability, flexibility and eye for detail.

Hale House, as we now know it, first came into existence in 1914, when Hale School private boy’s school moved to Havelock Street, West Perth to cater for the growing population of the school. Prior to then, it had been situated in The Cloister building in Saint George’s Terrace as a boarding school since 1858. Anyone familiar with Perth’s CBD will have come across this iconic building and one time or another.

The Cloister building

Now and then The Cloister building, St. George’s Terrace, Perth.

The Hale School in Havelock was designed to act both as a school and accommodation to students and was finally completed in 1925/26 by architect Herbert Parry, who was a previous Hale School student.

In the early 60s, Hale School once again moved, this time to the north-western suburb of Wembley downs. The building in Havelock Street was taken over by the Department of Education in 1963 and became they place of operations right up to 2011, where it was repurposed as the Office of the Premier for the elected Barnett government. Situated only 150 metres away from Parliament House, it is easy to see why it was considered to be prime real estate for the government.

It is great to see this gorgeous building reinstated to its former glory. We at Consummo Painting can’t wait to see and be involved in other heritage-listed restoration projects around Perth.

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