Protective Coating

Used in both commercial and residential buildings, non-slip flooring is highly recommended for maintenance and safety purposes, as well as improving resale value. We can provide an industrial application such as Luxafloor Eco2, Dulux Durabuild (STE) and Dulux Envir02, as well as other 2 Pack Epoxy products. The end result is a high-quality, heavy-wearing and extremely durable surface that enhances safety while still permitting the access of heavy machinery like forklifts and trucks.’

In order to keep surfaces in pristine condition, we apply an anti-graffiti topcoat to hihgh-traffic or graffiti-prone areas. A coat of Dulux 2 pac Acrathane (IF), in high gloss or matte finish, works to protect and preserve, resulting in a high-quality and extremely durable surface that graffiti can easily be wiped off of. This service is suitable for both commercial and residential applications.

Wall Rendering/Roll-on Texture
Consummo Painting team members are Dulux accredited and trained in the application of Dulux AcraTex and Orica Texture Coating on masonry surfaces and other forms of substrates (such as gyprock, etc). We are also skilled in both the roll-on and trowel-on techniques.

We are able to provide onsite samples to customers upon confirmation of the works to be completed.

Few people are aware of the fact that the roof of a home makes up 40% of the exterior. Painting and restorative work can preserce and increase a home’s market value, while also contributing to environmental sustainability by considerably reducing heating and cooling bills.

We can provide cement tile roof restoration, replacement of broken or damaged tiles, high pressure cleaning, mortar tuckpointing and preparation, sealer coatings, membranes and heat-reflective coatings as well as the application of re-colour. We recommend Dulux AcraTex 962 Roof Membrane.

Furthermore, we recommend that all roof works be undertaken at the same time as the repainting of gutters, down-pipes and fascias for a complete look.

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Anti-graffiti Coating
Anti-graffiti Coating