Wallpaper adds a touch of class to a room. To create a flawless and lasting result, we at Consummo Painting use and recommend on the higest quality wallpapers and wallpaper pastes, like Roman. The high adhesion standards in various grades of backing papers and wallpapers allow for easy removal that causes minimal damage to your substrate while keeping costs down on the eventual reapplication of new wallpapers.

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 1  Special Effects

1        Metallic paint applied in an ‘S’ or ‘X’ pattern replicates brushed metal, giving surfaces a modern look.

      This technique mimics the look of suede, creating a rich, stylish finish.

         Chalkboard and whiteboard
      This effect transforms surfaces into chalkboards or whiteboards – great for children’s rooms, learning centres or restaurants.

1       For an industrial look, this technique is used to give surfaces a rough metal appearance.

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